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Yes. A licence granted under the provisions of Rule 5 of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950 is required to be renewed as per Rule 7 of the said Rules.


Occupier shall login through his/her login ID already created in the e-District Delhi portal and mention FD No. of already granted online licence and pay online auto-calculated renewal fee by the system. 

Ans. Yes. The Applicant should be the Occupier of the factory and can apply for renewal.  No other person can apply for renewal of licence and if applies, the same shall be rejected and fee shall be forfeited. 

Ans. If the licence has been granted manually, the occupier is required to get himself registered through “Citizen Registration Form” available at e-District Delhi portal. 

Then, he has to login e-District Delhi portal and select the service of “Renewal of Licence under the Factories Act, 1948” and fill up “Service Specification Details” and upload necessary documents and pay online auto calculated renewal fee by the system. 

Ans. The following documents are required to be uploaded: -

  1. Fill up on line “Service Specification Form”.
  2. Online fees.  
  3. ID proof of Occupier and Manager.
  4. List of Partners/Directors with their residential address.
  5. NOC from other partners or Board Resolution by Directors for nomination of occupier as per sections 2(n) and 7 of the Factories Act, 1948.
  6. Proof/supporting documents of Occupier as Director/ Partner/ Proprietor of the factory.
  7. Existing building plan in PDF format as per Rule 3A of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950.
  8. Latest electricity bill as a proof of sanctioned load of electricity.
  9. Proof of occupancy (copy of rent agreement/ownership proof i.e. conveyance deed).
  10. Flow chart of manufacturing process.
  11. List of raw materials used in manufacturing process.
  12. List of machineries installed in the premises.
  13. Such other particulars or documents as communicated through online platform by the department, i.e. by the concerned district Dy. Director(ISH).


Ans. Yes, a factory occupier may get the licence renewed either for one, five or ten years at a time. In case application for renewal has been made for five or ten years, the renewal fee shall be five or ten times the fee payable specified in the Fee Schedule as the case may be. System will auto calculate the renewal fee which has to be paid online.

Yes,fee is payable online as per Schedule appended below as per Rule 5 of the Delhi Factories Rules,1950: -

H.P.Installed Maximum number of workers to be employed on any day during the year
  Upto20 21to50 51to100 101to250 251to500 501to750 751to1000 Above1000
  Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.
Nil 100 200 400 1000 1600 3000 4000 5000
Upto10 200 400 480 1200 2400 3600 4800 6000
Above10andupto50 400 600 800 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000
Above50andupto100 800 1000 1200 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000
Above100 1200 1600 2000 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000

Ans. 1. For manually granted licence:-

Occupier has to login through e-district portal and select service of “Renewal of Licence under the Factories Act, 1948” only before 60 days before the due date of expiry of the licence, i.e. 31st December of the calendar year upto which the licence has been granted/renewed. 

2. For licence granted through online (e-district portal):

Occupier has to login through e-district portal and select service of “Renewal of Licence under the Factories Act, 1948” only before 60 days before the expiry of date of the licence.


Ans. Yes, a late fee @25% of the fee payable for a calendar year is charged wherein the application for renewal has been submitted in office after expiry of the time limit; i.e., after 30th November of the calendar year in which the licence expires (for manually granted Licence) or 30 days before the expiry of Licence (for Licences granted online). System will auto-calculate total fee including late fee which has to be deposited online.


Ans. If online application is complete in all respects, Licence shall be renewed within 60 days which can be downloaded from the dashboard of applicant.


Ans. Applicant may send mail to salab[dot]delhi[at]nic[dot]in & edistrict[dot]delhi[at]gov[dot]in with difficulties faced during the process including uploading of documents.

Ans: Applicant may contact the following Dy. Directors:-  

S. No. Districts Name of Officer Mobile No.

North, Shahdara, East & North-East

Sh. S.P. Rana



North-West & Central

Sh. J.N. Jain



West, South-West & New Delhi

Sh. P.K. Goswami



South & South-East

Sh. Pinkesh Kumar