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The Industrial Employment (Standing Order)Act 1946

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The Act makes it obligatory for employers of an industrial establishment where 100 or more workers are employed to clearly define the conditions of employment, by way of standing orders/services rules and to make them known to the workmen employed. However in the N.C.T. of Delhi, the Act applies to an industrial establishment where 50 or more workmen are employed or were employed in the preceding 12 months.

The employer is required to prepare draft standing order, which he propose to adopt and submit the same to the Certifying Officers for certification. The employer is required to act in conformity with the certified standing orders in dealing with the day today affairs of the workmen. Certified standing orders have the force of the law like any other enactment.


All Deputy Labour Commissioners of the Labour Department have been appointed Certifying Officers for the purpose of certification of the proposed standing orders of the respective areas under their control. Industrial Tribunal-I is the Appellate authority under the Act.


The Act provides that in case the employer fails to submit the draft standing orders, a fine up to Rs. 5,000/- can be imposed and in case of contravention of the standing orders, a fine up to Rs. 100/- and in case of continuance of the offence, further fine up to Rs. 25/- for each such day can be imposed.