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The Labour Department, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi is headed by Secretary-cum-Labour Commissioner(Labour), who is assisted by Special  Labour Commissioner, Additional Labour Commissioner, Joint Labour Commissioners, Deputy Labour Commissioners, Assistant Labour Commissioners, Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health, Electrical Inspectorate, Chief Inspector of Boilers, Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishments, Labour Officers, Inspecting Officers, Labour Inspectors and other supporting staff.

With a view to make the administration responsive to the needs of the people and bring governance to their doorsteps, the department has been organized on territorial basis into nine districts. Proposal for setting up of two more districts has been initiated.

Each district is headed by a Joint/Deputy Labour Commissioner who is assisted by Asstt. Labour Commissioners and Labour Officers, Inspecting Officers, Labour Inspectors and other supporting staff.



Prior to the year 1961, the functions of the Labour Department were being performed under the purview of the Industries Department of the erstwhile Delhi Administration. During the Second Five Year Plan the Government focused its priorities on the technological development and industrial growth. Gradually, several modern, sophisticated and technologically advanced industries came up generating tremendous employment potential in the Union Territory of Delhi. With the increase in the number of industries and the dependent workforce, the number of industrial disputes and the number of cases of infringement of the rights of the industrial labour class also increased proportionately. The needs of the workers and prevailing labour scenario in the Union Territory of Delhi, prompted the Government to establish a full fledged Labour Department.

The rights of workers are protected by enforcement of various provisions of labour laws. The laws relating to safety in industries are being enforced by the

  1. Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health
  2. Inspectorate of Boilers
  3. Electrical Inspectorate.

The field staff of these Inspectorates carries out periodical inspections and issue improvement notices in accordance with the statutory provisions.

With the progress of urbanization in Delhi, the number of agricultural workers has reduced considerably. Mining/Brickkilns Industries activities have also ceased in Delhi. In compliance to the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, heavy and hazardous industries including brickkilns have been shifted out of Delhi during the year 1996-97.

As a result to these changes in the economic scenario, large number of small and medium industries as well as shops, industrial and commercial establishments have come up in Delhi.

Delhi Shops & Establishments Act, 1954 is being enforced for the regulation of working conditions of employees in such places by way of statutory provisions regarding hours of work, payment of wages, leaves, holidays, terms of service and other service conditions of workers. The coverage provided by this Act extends to persons employed in shops, commercial establishments or public entertainment and amusement places.

To enable the industrial workers and their families to visit the places of historical and religious importance, the Labour Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi has set up Holiday Homes at Allahabad and Shimla.

The Department thus has a very wide spectrum of Labour oriented activities. This charter is a summarized information on crucial activities. The Department would welcome suggestions for improvement of this website from the stake holders and beneficiaries.

The following officers who have headed the Labour Department as Secretary-cum-Commissioner during different periods from time to time are gratefully remembered for their contributions:-

S. No Name of the Officer   From To
1. Sh. L.S. Titus, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 1961 17-04-63
2. Sh. Gangesh Mishra, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 18-04-63 1966
3. Sh. S.C. Vajpayee, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 1966 31-07-68
4. Sh. RK. Ahooja, Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 01-08-68 18-04-69
5. Sh. L.N. Saklani , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 19-04-69 05-07-70
6. Sh. V.K. Chanana, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 06-07-70 20-08-71
7. Sh. S.C. Chhabra, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 21-08-71 10-10-71
8. Sh. V.K. Chanana, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 20-10-71 09-10-72
9. Sh. B.R. Tamta, Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 10-10-72 10-01-73
10. Sh. S.S. Sanzagiri, Labour Commissioner ......... 11-01-73 16-06-73
11. Sh. K.D. Gupta, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 17-06-73 16-06-76
12. Sh. S.S. Sanzagiri, Labour Commissioner ......... 17-06-76 11-11-76
13. Sh. Virender Singh, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 12-11-76 12-02-78
14. Sh. P. S. Dave, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 13-02-78 15-02-79
15. Sh. S.L. Chopra, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 16-02-79 30-06-80
16. Sh. R. Badrinath, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-07-80 30-11-80
17. Sh. M.K. Bazboruah, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-12-80 20-02-81
18. Sh. R.N. Puri, Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 21-02-81 17-05-84
19. Ms. Nita Bali, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 18-05-84 30-06-85
20. Sh. P.M. Singh, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-07-85 03-12-85
21. Sh. D.C. Sankhla, Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 04-12-85 21-05-86
22. Sh. R.K. Bhatia, Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 22-05-86 26-09-88
23. Sh. D.M. Spolia , Labour Commissioner I. A.S. 27-09-88 16-10-90
24. Sh. Rakesh Mohan, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 17-10-90 07-07-91
25. Sh. A.C. Kher, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 08-07-91 08-07-93
26. Sh. P.N. Gupta, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 09-07-93 20-01-94
27. Sh. H.D. Birdi, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 21-01-94 30-11-95
28. Sh. Ashok Kapur, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-12-95 31-05-97
29. Sh.A.S. Awasthi, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 05-06-97 20-11-97
30. Sh. Chaman Lal, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 24-11-97 30-07-99
31. Sh. S.K.Srivastava, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 02-08-99 13-09-99
32. Sh. S.K. Gathwal, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 14-09-99 16-01-01
33. Sh. Anand Prakash, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 16-01-01 12-02-01
34. Sh. G.K. Marwah, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 12-02-01 08-03-01
35. Sh. M.K. Mishra, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 08-03-01 31-05-01
36. Sh. Narendra Kumar, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-06-01 15-12-01
37. Sh. S.C. Poddar, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 15-12-01 18-04-02
38. Sh. S. P. Marwah, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 18-04-02 04-02-03
39. Sh. R.K. Verma, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 05-02-03 27-07-03
40. Sh. M.K.Mishra, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 28-07-03 30-09-04
41. Sh. Janak Digal , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-09-04 13-09-04
42. Sh. Narendra Kumar , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 14-09-04 16-01-06
43. Sh. Sanjiv Kumar , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 16-01-06 08-03-06
44. Sh. G. Narendra Kumar , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 09-03-06 05-04-06
45. Sh. S. M. Mazumdar , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 05-04-06 30-11-06
46. Smt. J. Raghuraman , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-12-06 03-01-07
47. Sh. Vikram Dev Dutt , Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 04-01-07 04-07-07
48. Sh. Chandra Bhushan Kumar, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 05-07-07 18-07-08
49.  Sh. K. S. Wahi, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 18-07-08   31-12-09
50.  Sh. A. K. Singh, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 14-01-10   07-03-11
51.  Sh. Amar Nath, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 07-03-11  29-03-11
52.  Sh. C.P. Tripathi, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 29-03-11 11-07-11
53.  Sh. Ramesh Tiwari,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 11-07-11 10-02-14
54.  Sh. Jitendra Narain,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 10-02-14 31-12-14
55.  Sh. Satish Mathur, Secretary-Cum-Commissioner  I.A.S. 02-01-15 17-07-15
56.  Dr. Madhu Teotia, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 18-07-15 01-09-15
57.  Sh. K.R. Meena, Secretary-Cum-Commissioner  I.A.S. 01-09-15 16-06-16
58.  Sh. A.K. Singh, Secretary-Cum-Commissioner  I.A.S. 16-06-16 13-04-17
59.  Sh. Sanjay Kumar Saxena, Secretary-Cum-Commissioner  I.A.S. 13-04-17 31-07-18
60.  Dr. Dilraj Kaur, Labour Commissioner I.A.S. 01-08-17 21-12-18
61. Mrs.Manisha Saxena,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner  I.A.S. 21-12-18 10-01-19
62. Sh.Vivek Pandey,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 10-01-19 28-02-20
63. Sh.Manoj Kumar,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 28-02-20 31-05-20
64. Sh.Praveen KR. Gupta,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 03-06-20 16-10-20
65.  Mrs.R.Alice Vaz,Secretary-Cum-Commissioner I.A.S. 16-10-20 22-04-21
66. Sh.H.Rajesh Prasad, Pr.Secreatry I.A.S. 22-04-21  
67. Sh.Sanjeev Ahuja,  Labour Commissioner I.A.S 22-04-21 29-04-22
68. Sh. Ram Niwas Sharma, Labour Commissioner I.A.S 01-06-22