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Procedure of Amendment On The Licence

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Answer: -  An application for an amendment in a licence shall be accompanied by a Treasury Challan Original Receipt in form No. T.R.6, being payment of fee of Rs.100/- for each amendment, change of occupier and issue of duplicate licence, as the case may be.


Answer: -  No Licensee shall change the name of a factory, or employ persons in excess of the number stated on the licence or use motive power in excess of limit of HP specified in the Licence. A Licensee, who desires to have his Licence amended shall submit an application in writing, stating the nature of amendment and reasons thereof to the Director of Factories or to the Deputy Director of Factories of the district, at the address mentioned in the Answer to Question No.5, along with the following documents: -

(A) Original Treasury Challan Receipt, being the prescribed fee, including balance fee if any payable.
(B) Revised Form No.2. in triplicate, incorporating the proposed amendment.
(C) Original Licence (for endorsement of amendment).
(D) In case of increase in HP, power proof or Affidavit, giving the date on which the HP is to be enhanced is required to be given.
(E) In case of a change of occupier, a proposal as per provisions of rule 8 of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950, is to be made along with a request from previous occupier, an amendment fee of Rs.100/- and a copy of nomination of occupier by the present Partners/Directors, are required to be submitted.
(F) For Duplicate licence besides fee of Rs.100/- an Affidavit is required to be submitted giving reasons of issuance of Duplicate Licence.