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Occupational Health Provision

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QUESTIONNo.24:- Who enforces these provisions?
Answer: - Inspector of Factories (Medical)/Certifying Surgeon has been assigned the work of enforcement of provisions related to occupational health of workers as required under the provisions of section 10 of the Factories Act 1948 and rules made there under by carrying out periodical medical examination of workers in certain specified processes, in which there is a likelihood of a worker contracting an occupational disease, while working in such a process. In case of factories engaged in hazardous processes, defined under the Factories Act 1948, the responsibility for medical examination of workers in such processes vests with the "Factory Medical Officer" to be appointed, as per provision of this Act and Rules made there under. However an Inspector of Factories (Medical)/ Certifying Surgeon, can also suo-moto carry out medical examination of workers engaged in hazardous processes.
Question No.25: - Who can examine young persons and grant Certificate of Fitness?
Answer: - A Certifying Surgeon appointed under section 10 of this Act has been empowered to carry out medical examination of workers and to issue Certificate of Fitness to a young person to work in a factory as a Child or an Adult.
Question No.26: - Who can make application for grant of Certificate of Fitness?
Answer: - An application can be made by a young person or his/her parent or guardian, accompanied by a document signed by Manager of a factory, that such a person will be employed therein, if certified to be fit for work. Such an application can also be made by a manager of a factory, in which the young person wishes to work, in accordance with the provisions of sections 69 of the Factories Act, 1948.
Question No.27: - What is fee payable for medical examination of worker and who is required to pay?
Answer: - The fee for medical examination is Rs.20/- per year per worker, which is payable by the factory and cannot be recovered from worker. The charges for other diagnostic tests such as testing of blood, urine, X-ray etc. wherever required, are payable by the factory and cannot be recovered from a worker.