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Pr.Secretary (Labour)  


Commissioner (Labour)  

Sh. Ram Niwas Sharma

23951115,23962823 (Fax)


Special Labour Commissioner  




Additional Labour Commissioner   




Integrated Financial Advisor  

Sh. Y.P. Soni


Deputy Labour Commissioner(Administration)  
Ms.Anita Rana 23961272  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(Care-taking/Co-ordination)  
Sh. Arun Kumar 23924946  
Joint Labour Commissioner(District -South West)  
Sh. Gurmukh Singh 25492133  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District -  West)  
Sh.U.K.Sinha 25412680  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District -  North)  
Sh.H.N.Singh 27305893, 27302622  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District - East)  
Sh.K.M.Singh 22145486  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District -  North West)  
Sh.S.K.Gupta 27305935, 27308082  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District -South)  
Sh.Amardeep 26055394  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District - Central)  
Sh.Rati Singh 25840037  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District - New Delhi)  
Sh.Rati Singh 23382363  
Deputy Labour Commissioner(District - North East)  
Sh.K.M.Singh 22145487, 22151001  
Deputy Electrical Inspector (District - South)  
Sh.Mukesh Gupta 29957550  
Deputy Electrical Inspector (District - Central)  
Sh.Arun Kumar Aggarwal    
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - North East)  
Sh.A.V.Koteswara Rao 22151001  
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - North)  
Sh.Suresh Kumar Bukka    
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - East)  
Sh.Yogesh Kumar Verma 22151001  
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - North West)  
Sh.Manoj Kumar    
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - South West)  
Sh.Avarar Abbas    
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - West)  
Sh.Ravi Verma 25100467  
Assistant Electrical Inspector (District - New Delhi)  
Sh.Umesh Kumar Rai    

Director, Industrial Safety and Health

Sh.S.Pandia Rajan 23973756  

Deputy Director (ISH),District-West,East &South-West

Sh. J.N. Jain    

Deputy Director (ISH) ,District-North-East,North &North-West.

Sh.S.P. Rana    

Deputy Director (ISH) ,District South,Central & New Delhi.

Sh.P.K. Goswami 23973756  

Assistant  Director (ISH) ,District- South West

Sh.Pinkesh Kumar    

Assistant  Director (ISH) , District-North & North-West


Assistant  Director (ISH) ,District-East & North-East

Sh.Deepash Bansal    

Assistant  Director (ISH) ,District-South & New Delhi

Sh.S. R. Rao    

Assistant  Director (ISH), District-West & Central

Sh.Kausik Sadhukhan    

Assistant Director (Medical)/Certifying Surgeon

Dr. Jitender Mann    

Chief Inspector of Boilers (All Districts)

Sh.S.Pandia Rajan 25412643  

Labour Housing Section,Asstt. Housing Commissioner

Ms.Geeta Thakur 25459217  

Last Updated Date :- 13-03-2019

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