Schedule of Employment covered under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948

Schedule of Employments Covered under Minimum Wages Act, 1948

1 All Shops and other Establishments (covered by Delhi Shops and Establishments Act, 1954).
2 Agriculture.
3 Automobile Engineering.
4 Brick Kiln Industry.
5 Cement working Establishments.
6 Chemicals.
7 Clubs.
8 Confectionery and Daily products, Food Preservation etc.
9 Construction of maintenance of Roads or in Building Operation.
10 Dal and Flour Mills.
11 Delhi Transport Corporation.
12 Foundries.
13 Ice Factories and Cold Storage.
14 Laundry, Laundry Services and Cleaning and Dyeing Plants i.e. Factories/Shops.
15 Local Authorities.
16 Metal Working Establishments.
17 Oil Mills.
18 Plastic, rubber, PVC including Cable Industries.
19 Pottery Industries.
20 Printing Press.
21 Public Motor Transport.
22 Radio including assembling of Radio parts.
23 Readymade Garments.
24 Stone breaking/Stone Crushing.
25 Textile including Hosiery, Niwar, Handloom, Lace, Thread-balls, Name Label, Dyeing and Printing of Textiles.
26 Wood working establishment including saw mills.
27 Employment in all Registered factories not covered by the employment at item No.1 to 26.
28 Private-unrecognised teaching institutions.
29 Hospitals & nursing home not carried on by Government or local authorities.



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