Occupations Declared Dangerous Under Section 87
Occupations Declared Dangerous Under Section 87 of the Factories Act, 1948
(a) Manufacture of aerated water and processes incidental thereto.
(b) Electrolytic plating or Oxidation of metal by use of an Electrolytic containing chromic acid or other chromium compounds.
(c) Manufacture and repair of electric accumulators.
(d) Glass manufacture.
(e) Grinding and treatment of lead grinding and glazing of metal.
(f) Manufacture and treatment of lead and certain compounds of lead.
(g) Generating gas from dangerous petroleum.
(h) Cleaning or smoothing of articles by a jet of sand, metal shot or grid or other abrasive propelled by a blast of compressed or a steam.
(i) Liming and tanning of rawhides sand skins and process incidental thereto.
(j) Manufacture of Pottery and ceramics.
(k) Carrying on a certain processes of lead and lead material in printing presses and type foundries.
(l) Chemical Works.
(m) Manufacture of articles from refractory materials.
(n) Handling and processing of asbestos from manufacture of any article of asbestos and process of manufacture or otherwise in which asbestos is used, in any form.
(o) Handling and manipulation of corrosive substances.
(p) Compression of oxygen and hydrogen produced by the Electrolysis of water.
(q) Process of extracting of oil and facts from extraction plants.
(r) Manufacture of manipulation of manganese and its compounds.
(s) Manufacture of manipulation of dangerous pesticides.
(t) Manufacture, handing and use of benzene and substances containing benzene.
(u) Manufacturing process or operation in carbon disulphide plants.
(v) Manufacture and manipulation of carcinogenic dye intermediates.
(w) Operation involving compresses gases.
(x) Highly flammable compressed gases.
(y) Operations in foundries.
(z) Manipulation of stone or any other material containing free silica.

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