Nodal Officers

Nodal Officers

Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi 
Office of the Labour Commissioner 
( 05, Sham Nath Marg, Delhi – 54 )


SR. NO Nodal Officer Designation Work


Sh. Ram Niwas Sharma, IAS


Special Labour Commissioner

  1. Administrative Supervision of District West, New Delhi, Central & East and North-East.
  2. Administration
  3. Vigilance
  4. Caretaking
  5. Accounts/ Finance/ Budget
  6. PGMS
  7. Planning
  8. IT Branch
  9. Matters relating to Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health.
  10. Legal Issues of non technical nature.
  11. MIS e-governance, e-office, monitoring and delivery of online services.
  12. Administrative arrangement for implementation of new Labour Codes.
  13. Administrative Supervision and set up of the newly created Districts viz. South-East & Shahdara
  14. Housing Branch.
  15. Policy matters to BOCW Act and Cess Act.
  16. C.S. & L.G. meetings & related affairs/ inspection report/ publicity material.
  17. PR and Publicity.

Sh. S.C. Yadav

Additional Labour Commissioner
  1. Supervision of District South, South-West, North, North-West
  2. PGC, RTI & LG Listening Post
  3. All court cases pertaining to Supreme Court, High Court and other matters pertaining to NHRC & NCPCR
  4. Coordination relating to payment of wages/salary of contractual/ outsourced staff.
  5. Un-organized Workers Social Security Act, 2008-Policy Matters.
  6. Child Labour (P&R) Act, 1986 coordination with DCPCR in respect of Child Labour issues.
  7. Private Placement Agency Bill
  8. Parliament and Assembly Questions.
  9. Policy matters related to Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970, compilation or report and work related to Contract Labour Advisory Board.
  10. Minimum Wages and its implementation/ policy matters.
  11. Legal Branch.
  12. Policy matters related to bonded Labour and its policy related issues.
  13. Policy matters and Coordination of work relating to Employees Compensation Act, 1972.
  14. Policy matters related to payment of payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.
  15. Central Board of Workers Education.
  16. Lower Court cases.
  17. I.D. Act, 1947-Policy matters.
  18. Industrial Employment Standing Order Act, 1946 and Policy Matters.
  19. Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 & Policy Matters.
  20. Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 & Policy Matters.
  21. Working Journalist Act 1955 & Policy Matters.
  22. Interstate Migrant Workers Act, 1979 and Policy Matters.
  23. Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961 and Policy Matters.
  24. Delhi Labour Welfare Board.
  25. ESI and PF Coordination.
  26. Trade Union Act, 1923 and Policy Matters.
  27. Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 and policy matters.
  28. Drafting of Rules, Notifications, Orders & circulars for four Labour Codes and their approval process.

Last Updated Date :- 30-11-2018

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