Institutional Frame work
Institutional Frame
3.1 State Governments are required to constitute (i) State Crisis Group (SCG) (ii) District Crisis Groups (DCGs) and (iii) Local Crisis Groups (LCGs) to plan and respond to chemical accidents in the state. The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Order dated 12.10.1998 of the Secretary (Revenue), Government of Delhi has constituted the State Crisis Group, nine District Crisis Groups and District Emergency Authorities.
3.2 "Central Crisis Group" is the apex body in the country to deal with and provide expert guidance for planning and handling of chemical accidents in the country The Central Crisis Group shall continuously monitor the post - accident situation and suggest measures for prevention of reoccurrence of such accidents. It is required to meet once in six months and respond to queries from State Crisis Groups and District Crisis Groups
3.3 The Chief Secretary of the Government of NCT of Delhi is the ex-officio chairperson of the "State Crisis Group", which is the apex body of the Government of Delhi, consisting of government officials, technical experts and industry representatives. This group is required to deliberate on planning, preparedness and to provide guidance for handling of chemical accidents, with a view to reducing the extent of loss of life, property and ill- health. The State Crisis Group will review all the Off-site Emergency Plans for chemical disaster for its adequacy. This group is required to meet one in three months.
3.4 The Dy. Commissioner is ex-officio chair-person of the "District Crisis Group" and this Group is the apex body at the district level and is required to review all On-site emergency plans prepared by the occupiers of the Major Accident Hazards (MAH) installations for preparation of the District offsite Emergency plan which shall also include hazards due to transportation of hazardous chemicals by road and by pipelines. The District Crisis Group is required to meet once in a 45 days and conduct one full scale mock-drill of the District Offsite Emergency Plan, on a site every year.

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