The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
Form-A- Application for the reference of an Industrial Dispute under Section 10(2)  View1 Download1  See The Procedure1
Form-C Agreement  View2 Download2  See The Procedure2
Form-E Notice of change of Service Condition proposed by an Employer  View3  Download3  See The Procedure3
Form-G-1 Progress report of Works Committee  View4 Download4  See The Procedure4
Form-H Form for Memorandum of Settlement  View5  Download5  See The Procedure5
Form-I Complaint under Section 33-A  View6 Download6  See The Procedure6
Form-J Application for Permission under section 33(3)  View7 Download7  See The Procedure7
Form-K Application for Permission under section 33(2)  View8 Download8  See The Procedure8
Form-K-1 Application under sub-section (1) of Section 33-C  View9 Download9  See The Procedure9
Form-K-2 Authority Letter  View10 Download10  See The Procedure10
Form-K-3 Application under sub-section (2) of Section 33-C  View11  Download11  See The Procedure11
Form-K-4 Application by a person who is an assignee or heir  View12 Download12  See The Procedure12
Form-L Notice to Strike - PUS  View13 Download13  See The Procedure13
Form-M Notice of Lock Out -PUS  View14 Download14  See The Procedure14
Form-N Form of Report of Strike or Lock-out in a Public Utility Servic  View15  Download15  See The Procedure15
Form-O-1 Information regarding Lay-off  View16  Download16  See The Procedure16
Form-O-2 Information regarding Ending of Lay-off  View17 Download17  See The Procedure17
Form-O-3 Form of application for permission to lay-off  View18 Download18  See The Procedure18
Form-P Notice of Retrenchment  View19 Download19  See The Procedure19
Form-P-A Notice for permission for retrenchment  View20 Download20  See The Procedure20
Form-Q notice of closure  View21 Download21  See The Procedure21
Form-Q-A Notice for permission of closure  View22 Download22  See The Procedure22


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