FAQ Enforcement under the Factories Act, 1948


Q1.     Who is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 and the rules made thereunder?

Ans.     Assistant Directors (ISH) are responsible for enforcement of aforesaid provisions, in the district(s) assigned to them under overall supervision of Director (ISH).


Q2.       Whom to make a complaint, in case of non-compliance of statutory provisions?

Ans.     In case any worker is aggrieved with the management of a “factory” he/she can make a formal written complaint either himself/herself or through his/her representative to the following address. Complaints without signature of worker(s) and anonymous/bogus complaints shall be filed without inspection as per office Order dated 27.12.2016:-

Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (DISH),

Labour Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi,

D-Block, Second Floor,

5, Sham Nath Marg,


(Ph. No. 23973965, 23973756).

Q3.       What procedure should be followed by the factory, in case of an accident or dangerous occurrence?

Ans.     In case of an accident involving bodily injuries and absence of a worker(s), the factory management is required to send a notice in Form No. 18 or Form No. 18A (as the case may be) within the time limit as mentioned below:-


Nature of accident

Form No.

Absence from workplace

Time limit for intimating to DISH

Fatal Accident



Within 12 hours

Non Fatal accident


48 hours

Within 24 hours

Dangerous occurrence

(Fire, busting of steam pressure parts, explosion of pressure vessels, collapse of building/floor, lifting equipments etc. not resulting in death or bodily injury.



Within 12 hours

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