FAQ-De-Registration or Closure of factory


Q.1       What has to be done in case the registered/licenced factory is closed?

Ans.     Intimation under Rule 106 of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950 is require to be given to this office with the details as given below:-

  • Original licence
  • Balance fee in GAR 7 challan, upto the calendar year on which intimation regarding the closure of the factory is given to this Directorate.
  • Duly filled Closure proforma by the occupier with necessary documents in support thereof. Closure proforma can be downloaded from the FORM SECTION.

 Q.2     What happens in case the factory is closed but the intimation is not given to this Directorate?

Ans.    It is the duty of the occupier to intimate regarding closure of his/her factory to this Directorate without delay. Till such time, the factory will be presumed running without licence and hence licence fee has to be deposited till the time of intimation. The fees shall be calculated on the basis of no. of workers and H.P. for which licence is granted. The fee schedule may be referred in this regard.

Last Updated Date :- 10-07-2019

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