FAQ-Amendment and issue of duplicate Licence under the Factories


Q1.       How to apply for amendment of licence?

Ans.     An application for an amendment in a licence shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs 100/- in GAR-7 for each amendment i.e., change of occupier, change of address, change of name of factory, change of no. of workers and change of H.P., alongwith Form No. 2 in triplicate as the case may be. Please refer FEE SCHEDULE.

 Q2.       Where to submit an application?

Ans.     Amendment in licence is warranted, if the occupier of a factory needs to change the name of a factory or change of address of a factory or change of name of occupier or increase/decrease in number of workers stated in the licence or increase/decrease of electricity (HP) as specified in the licence. A licencee, who desires to have his licence amended shall submit an application in writing, stating the nature of amendment and reasons thereof to this Directorate along with the following documents: -


  1. Original Treasury Challan Receipt (GAR-7), being the prescribed fee of Rs. 100/- per amendment.

            (b)   Revised Form No.2 in triplicate, incorporating the proposed amendment.

  1. Original Licence (for endorsement of amendment).
  2. Supporting document for the amendment(s).

 Q3.       What should I do if the licence is lost or not traceable?

Ans.     The occupier has to make a request mentioning the reasons for loss of licence and issuance of duplicate licence along with duplicate licence fee of Rs.100/- in original GAR-7.

Last Updated Date :- 10-07-2019

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