Factories Directorate

Q1: -    What are the main Functions of Directorate of Factories?
Ans: -    This Directorate looks after the enforcement of laws governing occupational health, safety, welfare, work-environment, Leave with Wages and Working Hours etc. in factories licensed/covered under the provisions of the factories Act, 1948, the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950 and allied Legislations.
Q 2: -    What is the set up?
Ans: -    The Director of Factories is assisted by Deputy Director of Factories, Assistant Director of Factories and Assistant Director of Factories (Medical). The Director   of Factories, who heads this Directorate works under the administrative control of Labour Commissioner cum Secretary (Labour) of Government of NCT of Delhi. The Directorate work under the supervisory control of Deputy Director of Factories. The Deputy Director of Factories and Assistant Director of Factories (Medical) operate from Headquarters.
Q 3: -    What is the coverage of the Act?
Ans: -    The Factories Act, 1948 applies on premises in which manufacturing process as defined under the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 is carried out with employment of 10 or more workers with use of power in the manufacturing process or with 20 or more workers employed without use of power in the manufacturing process.
Question:-    Who is responsible for this work?
Ans: -    The Assistant Director of factory is responsible for conducting Inspections and for enforcement of the statutory provisions in the factories, as assigned from time to time by the Director of Factories OR Deputy Director of factories of the District concerned.
Question:-    Whom to make a compliant, in case of non-compliance of the statutory provisions?
Ans: -    The Complaints are required to addressed:-

  Director (Industrial Safety & Health)  
  Labour Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi  
  5-Sham Nath Marg,  
Names & Designations of the Field staff in office of the Directorate of Factories: Labour Department, Govt. of  NCT of Delhi, 5- Sham Nath Marg, Delhi-110054


S.No. Names Of Officers Designation
1 S. Pandia Rajan Deputy Director of Factories
2 J.N. Jain Deputy Director of Factories
3 S.P. Rana Deputy Director of Factories
4 P.K. Goswami Deputy Director of Factories
5 R.B.Singh Assistant Director of Factories
6 Pinesh Kumar Assistant Director of Factories
7 Kausik Sadhukhan Assistant Director of Factories
8 Deepash Bansal Assistant Director of Factories
9 S. R. Rudra Assistant Director of Factories
10 Dr. Neeraj Gupta Assistant Director of Factories(Medical) / Certifying Surgeon

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