Decentralization of Labour Department, Regarding allotment of User ID,dated 18-03-09

Government Of National Capital Territory Of Delhi
(Labour Department) 
5, Sham Nath Marg: Delhi-110054.

No.PF.1/31/620/LC/Esstt./07/7625​                                                    Dated : 18/03/2009



All the Deputy Labour Commissioners
Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi. 

Sub: Decentralization of Labour Deptt. – Reg. allotment of User ID


NIC has informed  that for issue of User ID connection for the purpose of preparation of salary through NIC software triband facility in telephone connection is required.   You are, therefore, requested to obtain triband facility in your telephone from MTNL.  In case you are already having broad band facility in your telephone, you may get the same converted into triband facility by giving a simple application to the nearest SANCHAR HAT.  In case you are not having any broad band facility in you telephone you may apply for triband facility on the prescribed form to the nearest SANCHAR HAT.  Only when you have been permitted/allowed Triband facility by the MTNL you can apply for User ID connection through NIC and salary can be drawn in the NIC software.

As you are aware that the salary for the month of May,2009 is to be prepared in Distt.’s as such all the above formalities are to be completed positively by the end of March,2009.  Only after issue of User Id connection by the NIC the process of allotting employee No. to staff and transferring LPCs through E-mail by the DDO(HQ) will commence.  You are therefore requested to take necessary action immediately on priority basis.

Further a meeting in this regard has been decided to be convene on 20.3.2009 at 3.00 P.M. in the Conference Room of Labour Department in the chairmanship of JLC(A)for which you are requested to attend the same alongwith  a well conversant official who is to be declared as Cashier and to be authorized for salary bills preparation work.  You may also bring stamps of DDO/HOO for signing papers, if any.


No.No.PF.1/31/620/LC/Esstt./07/7625                                Dated : 18/03/2009
Copy Forwarded to:-
• Account Officer 
• CTO, LAbour Department.


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