The Contract Labour (Reg. and Abo.) Central Rules, 1971
Form I Application for Registration of Establishments Employing Contract Labour  View1 Download1 See The Procedure1
Form IV Application for Licence  View2 Download2 See The Procedure2
Form VA Application for Adjustment of Security Deposit  View3 Download3 See The Procedure3
Form VIA Notice of commencement/completion of control work  View4 Download4  
Form VIB Notice of commencement/completion of contract work  View5 Download5 See The Procedure5
Form VII Application for Renewal of Licence  View6 Download6 See The Procedure6
Form XII Register of Contractors  View7 Download7 See The Procedure7
Form XIII Register of Workmen Employed by Contractors  View8 Download8 See The Procedure8
Form XIV Employment Card  View9 Download9 See The Procedure9
Form XV Service Certificate  View10 Download10 See The Procedure10
Form XVI Muster Roll  View11 Download11 See The Procedure11
Form XVII Register of Wages  View12 Download12 See The Procedure12
Form XVIII Form of Register of Wages-cum-Muster Roll  View13 Download13 See The Procedure13
Form XIX Wage Slip  View14 Download14 See The Procedure14
Form XX Register of Deductions for Damage or Loss  View15 Download15 See The Procedure15
Form XXI Register of Fines  View16 Download16 See The Procedure16
Form XXII Register of Advances  View17 Download17 See The Procedure17
Form XXIII Register of Overtime  View18 Download18 See The Procedure18
Form XXIV Return to be sent by the Contractor to the Licensing Officer  View19 Download19 See The Procedure19
Form XXV Annual Return of Principal Employer to be sent to the Registering Officer  View20 Download20 See The Procedure20

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