Approval Of Factory Building Plan

Question No.4: -What is the role of Directorate of Factories in approval of Factory Building Plans, before construction/extension? 

Answer: -As per statutory provisions of rule 3A of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950, no site shall be used for location of a factory or no building in a factory shall be constructed, re-constructed, extended or taken into use as a factory or part of a factory, unless previous permission in writing is obtained from the Director of Factories.

Question No.5: -How to apply for Permission/ Approval?

Answer: - The Application for permission is required to be made in prescribed Form No.1, accompanied by documents prescribed under rule 3A of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950, at the following address: -

Office of the Director of Factories
Labour Department,
Government of NCT of Delhi,
5-Sham Nath Marg, (D-Block IInd floor).
Phone No.23973756, 23973965, 9873002335.  

The Applicant can also apply online at the website of Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( under the Single Window Clearance System / Ease of Doing Business.

Question No.6:What are the documents to be submitted for Approval: -

Answer: - The following documents are required to be submitted. along with a forwarding letter:-

1 Form No.1 prescribed under the Delhi Factories Rules. 1950.
2 Flow chart of the manufacturing process supplemented by a brief description of the process in its various stages.
3 Plans in duplicate drawn to scale showing: 
(a) The site of the factory and immediate surroundings including adjacent buildings and other structure, roads, drains etc.
(b) The plan and elevations and necessary cross -sections of the various buildings indicating all relevant details relating to natural lighting, ventilation and means of escape in case of fire. The plans shall also clearly indicate the plants and machinery, aisles and passage ways; and,
(c) Such other particulars, as Chief Inspector of Factories, may require
4 Proof for ownership, of plot/premises such as copy of the Lease-deed etc.
5 In case of permission for construction on a vacant plot, an Affidavit is required to be given by the owner of the plot that the plot is vacant. The affidavit should also state as to whether any previous Approval of the Director of Factories for construction/extension have been obtained or not, In case the same have been obtained, the particulars of Approval for construction/extension along with a photocopy of the previous Approval is required to be enclosed. In case of approval of plan for extension, a copy of the previous approved plan, with Approval letter is also be enclosed besides other documents mentioned above.

Question No.7: -Whether any fee is required to be paid?

Answer: -No fee is required to be paid.  

Question No.8: -What is the procedure for approval?

Answer: -

1.  All such applications are required to be made to the office of the Director of Factories, at the address mentioned in the Answer to Question No.5. wherein the same are scrutinized by the Deputy Director of Factories of the concerned district in which the factory is to be set up/located/extended

2.  In case, the Application and the plans are in consonance with the statutory requirements of the Factories Act, 1948 and Delhi Factories Rules, 1950, the Plan is approved by the Director of factories, after considering the recommendations of the concerned Deputy Director of Factories subject to such conditions as, may be specified therein.

3.  The Director of Factories upon Approval of the Plans, shall sign and return one set of Factory Building Plans to the lawful applicant, along with the Approval Letter. The Approval Letter also advises the applicant to retain the aforesaid Approval Letter and Approved Plan, as the same would be required to be produced on demand by the Directorate of Factories.

The Approval for Factory Building Plans can also deal online through the website of Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( in case of applicant applied online through MCD Portal under the Single Window Clearance System / Ease of Doing Business.

Question No.9: -Whom to contact for Approval/and to know the Status position: -

Answer: -The applicant may contact the district Deputy Director of Factories in case any clarification is required or to know the status position on this matter. However, in case the concerned Deputy Director of Factories, is not available in the office or the applicant is not satisfied with the clarification or status position given by the concerned Deputy Director of Factories, he may contact Director of Factories. The names and addresses of the Director of Factories and Deputy Director of Factories with particulars of districts allotted to them are as under: -

(i) Sh. R.N. Dahiya
Director(Industrial Safety & Health),
5 - Sham Nath Marg, 'D-Block 2nd Floor',
Phone No. 23973756,23973965,9873002335.

(ii) Deputy Director(Industrial Safety & Health), Government of NCT of Delhi:-

Sl. No. Name and Address Districts
(1) Sh. J. N. Jain, 
Deputy Director(ISH), 
5 - Sham Nath Marg, 'D-Block 
2nd Floor', Delhi-110054
Phone No. 23973965
South West, East and North-East
(2) Sh. S. Pandiarajan, 
Deputy Director(ISH), 
5 - Sham Nath Marg, 'D-Block 
2nd Floor', Delhi-110054
Phone No. 23973965
Central and West

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