Anxexure -VI
(a) Every newly registered boiler and every other boiler of which the working pressure has been altered shall, before the issue of an original or renewal certificate for such boiler, be tested under steam to the satisfaction of the Inspector.
(b) At the time of test the safety valves shall be left free and capable of being adjusted to the approved working pressure.
(c) After adjustment of the valves to the correct blowing pressure the boiler shall be tried under full steam and firing with the feed water shut off and the stop-valve closed, during which time the Inspector shall note the accumulation of pressure and other details of the test as well as the loading and adjustment of the safety valves.
** [In the case of water tube boiler or boilers fitted with super heater, the feed water connection and stop valve need not be shut off and if the total valve area is lifted and found to be adequate by calculations, the requirement of the accumulation test may be assumed to have been satisfied if the valves on each boiler and all valves shall lift so that all steam which can be discharged with a pressure rise not exceeding 10 per cent of the designed working pressure.]
(d) Before the safety valve test, the Inspector shall satisfy himself that the water gauges are in working order and that the feed apparatus is capable of supplying the boiler with sufficient water.
(e) Where the State Government does not require a person-in-charge of a boiler to hold a certificate of competency, the Inspector may, when he thinks fit, satisfy himself by questioning or by practical test whether the person-in-charge of the boiler understands the use and purpose of the water gauges, the pressure gauge, the safety valves, the feed water-supply and blow down.
(f) When witnessing safety valves test, Inspectors shall use the standard pressure gauges supplied by the Chief Inspector unless the boiler pressure gauge has, since the time of inspection, been tested and found correct with an authorized testing machine.
(g) No steam gauge shall be used without a siphon filled with water between it and the boiler.
(h) When the accumulation of pressure at a steam test exceeds ten per cent of the maximum working pressure, the area of the safety valves shall be considered insufficient, and a certificate shall be refused until the safety valve area is increased.
(i) An Inspector may, when visiting a factory for any purpose, verify the correctness of the safety valves and pressure gauge of any boiler under steam by comparison with his standard pressure gauge.
* Note: A steam test is primarily intended for the purpose of ascertaining by actual test whether the safety valves are sufficient to relieve boilers effectively of excess Steam and whether they operate at the time when the maximum working pressure is reached. Inspector shall always send to the owner due notice of the date fixed for the steam test. On completion of the test the Inspector should enter all details in the Memorandum of Inspection books.


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